Threats don't stand a chance with Cistanche!

Long used in TCM, Cistanche is a desert plant. This plant is grown in Taklamakan desert which is in southwest Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, northwest China. It’s common name is Desert hyacinth with a botanical name of Cistanche Tubulosa. It is actually considered a parasite plant that grows on roots of desert shrubs but has great benefits for human health.

Today, Cistanche may be used to:

  • Increase woman fertility and male hormone production, Improving sexual ability in male and female.
  • Chronic constipation relief
  • Fight signs of aging
  • Increase energy / combat fatigue
  • Lower blood pressure


Manufactured: Hohhot, Inner Mongoila, China

Grown in: Sinkiang and Inner Mogoilia, China

Sources: Cistanche Tubulosa


Spec Sheets

Cistanche Spec Sheet

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