Sesamin & Sesamolin

Open Sesame

The Sesame plant is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world, prized as an oilseed for at least 5,000 years. But as a vegetable oil, it is lesser known. Also great for cooking, this material has a wide array of healthy benefits. Sesamin and Sesamolin are the active lignin compounds of a sesame seed responsible for its positive effects and antioxidant/ anti inflammatory properties. With an abundance of vitamins, this extract is not only beneficial when digested but can also be used topically!
Today, may be used to:
  • Prevent degradation of Vitamin E
  • Lower cholesterol/ prevent high blood pressure
  • Oxidize fatty acids
  • Have influential neuroprotective effects
  • Used topically it can- aid hair health, increase skin elasticity and smoothness and reduce oxidative stress, thereby helping reduce the appearance of age spots and eliminating skin conditions
Patented ingredient name: Sesapower Manufactured: Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China Grown in: Inner Mongolia, China Sources: Sesamum, Sesame  
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